coffee from where the elephants roam 

Humans and elephants share a long history . Elephants have always been essential for ecosystems and natural stability, which we depend on. 

Unfortunately our continuously growing area demand (for infrastructure, agriculture, etc.)  is a threat for them. Because the remaining natural area is too small to serve as their habitat, they are increasingly often found in residential areas and farms.  This leads to conflict. 

The ideal solution is to have peacefully shared areas with no one having to make sacrifices.

But is that possible?

Yes, it is! Our partner estates are shared by humans, elephants and other wildlife. Biodiversity is also protected by maintaining the canopy of natural vegetation. 

Our ultimate goal is to reach a broad understanding of coexistence.


Aane Kaapi gives you the opportunity to support elephant & biodiversity conservation and coexsitence with your daily cup of delicious coffee.

Learn more about Aane Kaapi and how we are trying to implement coexistence...

aanè  k  api



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Our Coffee

carefully selected from small farms in the Nilgris in Tamil Nadu, India.

100% pesticide free

local production

funds elephant protecion & research

promotes biodiversity & coexistence

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