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After harvesting, the cherries are being processed which means that the beans are removed from the cherries. This can be done by two methods. Firstly by wet processing, which means that the beans are washed until they are clean. Secondly by dry processing, the beans are being dired in the sun until the cherry is gone.

Now the beans have to be hulled. That is a process of removing the outer shell of the bean, resulting in clean green beans.

The next step is the roasting which is essential for the taste of the coffee. The beans can be light, medium or dark roasted. The level depends on the duration of the roasting and level of heat.

Lastly before the coffee can be enjoyed it has to be ground. There different kinds of grounds for the different types of coffee drink.

Coffee grows in tropical and subtropical climates in form of red cherries. There are basicly two types of coffee plants: arabica and robusta.


The first mentioned is usually much harder to maintain for farmers; it needs higher altitudes and a lower temperature to grow, has a lower harvesting yield and is generally less resistent.Because of that arabica is often seen as more valuable (especially in western countries) and has a world market share of appr. 70%.

Robusta, like the name already indicates is more robust. The plant can grow in lower altitudes, with higher temperatures. The increasing climate worldwide raises the importance of Robusta. Its world market share is appr. 30%.

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