About Aane Kaapi

Our coffee is grown in small, family owned estates in the Nilgiris hills in Tamil Nadu, India.

All our processing and roasting is done here by local units, too.

Our partner estates are not shielded from nature but allow species to keep their important habitat. Aane Kaapi makes sure that wildlife continues to be allowed on the estates and helps farmers by offsetting any damage done by elephants. 

Our small scale production ensures premium quality coffee that has a transparent value chain and cares about its environmental impact.

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Impacts Aane Kaapi wants to have


At the moment there is no market for environmental and biodiverse friendly agriculture in India. We are trying to change that. By only working together with farms that are biodiverse and wildlife friendly, we support these practizes and hope to move others to being more environment-friendly as well. Ultimatively we we want to introduce a new branch into the Indian market that gives customers the opportunity to decide for an biodiversity beneficial coffee. 

A vital part of our concept is the Elephant Coexistence Fund. It compensates any damage done by elephants to the farmers estates so that they stay ammenable to sharing their area with wildlife and do not have to fear for their livelyhood. The fund is financed by our profits. 

Another part of our profits is used to contribute to the Asian Elephant Fund. This institution does research in elephants and their behaviour which leads to a better understanding in these animals which is crucial to work towards a better future. 

We want to raise awareness about the environmental issues we are facing. With our transparent value chain we want to connect with customers and to point out the impact they can have in elephant & biodiversity conservation.  

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Located close to several reserves and state parks, the Gudalur region is rich of wildlife.